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 Pets Go Raw!

  If your dog is fed raw food versus commercial dog food, you will be giving them a healthier, more satisfying diet and
   providing them with the best chance at a long, disease-free life!  Commercial dog food is made from ingredients that
   dogs were never meant to ingest and have preservatives and additives to make it tastier and last longer, all which are
   not healthy for your dog.

  Raw food is better for dogs' teeth, gives them more energy, healthier coats and less shedding, keeps their weight at a
   healthy level, produces less feces (and the feces actually disintegrate instead of sitting on your lawn waiting for you to
   pick it up), and has been known to improve or eliminate dogs' allergies, arthritis, intestinal problems, and disease!

  Our product line comes from Top Hand Supplies Ltd. Featuring new, easier to use packaging. Our raw food is made for
   dogs and only includes raw natural ingredients.  Mmmmmm good!

  NEW! We keep Loyalty Cards on file for all raw food customers. On your 10th purchase, receive a 25% discount.

  Click Here for more information on raw food, feeding guidelines and tips.



  Menu -- Updated January 2018

  Note: As market prices of fresh meat, fish, and produce fluctuate, raw food prices change
   accordingly. Please call us for current prices.

  We carry a full range of meal options, supplements and treats.  Items not on the list are available through
   special order.  Special orders are welcomed and our delivery days are every two weeks.  For a full list of
   available products, please Click Here.

  Call us at 250-542-8832 for more information, special orders, and pricing.


Chicken Full Meal



Turkey Full Meal



1/4 lb patties

$ 6.60

$ 69.24

1/4 lb Pattie

$ 8.14

$ 85.25

1/2 lb patties


$ 58.66

1/2 lb Patties


$ 84.56

5 lb logs N/A $ 52.57 5 lb logs N/A $ 72.12






Beef Full Meal



Bones - Beef

1/4 lb Patties

$ 13.89

$ 145.49

6-8 Bones $ 16.77

1/2 lb Patties


$ 139.54

NEW  Power Diet Package Case
1/4 lb Patties $16.25 $170.19 Ultra Kelp - 1 lb

$ 16.82

Ultra Kelp - 3 lb

$ 25.69

1/2 lb Patties



Salmon Full Meal




1/4 lb Patties


$ 140.88

Salmon Oil - 8 oz

$ 12.92

      Salmon Oil - 16 oz

$ 18.48



Salmon Oil - 64 oz

$ 59.83

Soft Treats - 6 flavors

$ 6.45

Big Bites Liver $ 6.45
Cat Food - 1/4 lb patties Package


Cat Chicken Meal

$ 7.07

$ 102.50

Cat Beef Meal

$ 9.83

$ 140.37

Cat Salmon Meal

$ 9.24

$ 131.97

Cat Turkey Meal

$ 8.79

$ 125.62


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The best compliment we can receive is your referral.  A referral means a free day for your canine.

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